English proofreading for Krita Lesson 002 (Layers)

Happy Ho-ho-holidays! :evergreen_tree: We’re planning to do a lot this year, and one of our new projects is a series of video tutorials for Krita. The first episode is almost ready and now we’re looking for an English native speaker, who can help with proofreading the subtitles.

Subtitles: Krita-A | En | 002 Layers - Google Docs

Video: will be soon!

Looking forward to working with you!


I’m available as always for such things. I’ve made some small tweaks to the doc already. There was one larger change which I thought I would bring up here about the instructions for the “contour” stage. The way that’s described seems strange to me. I’ve only ever heard that step described as “lineart”, “outline”, or perhaps “inking” as a reference to traditional media. I would recommend changing basically every reference to contour.


That was fa-aaast! Thanks a lot, scribblemaniac :+1:t3: The text looks neat now.

Thank you for the ‘contour’ issue. We’ve already recorded video with a layer named ‘contour’, but we’ll be careful next time.

The next episodes are on the way, looking forward to further collaboration!

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