[Voicing-En] Morevna voice for Episode 4

We are looking for female actress for voicing of Morevna character in Episode 4.
It’s only 10 lines to read.


List of lines -
morevna-ep4-eng.xlsx (8.7 KB)

Please use voicing in French as reference -

Full video (voiceless) -

Full subtitles (all characters) -
morevna-ep4-eng.srt (3.8 KB)
morevna-ep4-eng-all.xlsx (8.9 KB)

Requirements for recording:

  • Uncompressed WAV format, 16 bit or more, Mono.

Please comment below if you are interested - provide a portfolio or recorded sample lines.

Thank you!

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I will help

hi @dedm33740 ! Are you plan to provide TTS voice? :slight_smile: