English proofreading for Pepper&Carrot ep. 13


The new episode of Pepper&Carrot is NOT around the corner, but we still need your help with proofreading! We’re inviting an English native speaker to help.

The subtitles here - subtitles-translation/pepper-and-carrot-ep13.msrt at master · morevnaproject-org/subtitles-translation · GitHub

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My pull request is at Update pepper-and-carrot-ep13.msrt by ArloJamesBarnes · Pull Request #87 · morevnaproject-org/subtitles-translation · GitHub – for reference, the English comic transcript: https://framagit.org/peppercarrot/webcomics/-/raw/master/ep13_The-Pyjama-Party/lang/en/ep13_en_transcript.md

Copied below for the convenience of those not used to Git diffs:

[eng] You are welcome!

[eng] You’re welcome!

[eng] It’s nice to remind me, sometimes I find it…
[eng] …find it all so… “banal” you know.

[eng] Thanks, it’s nice to be reminded…
[eng] (variant 1): sometimes I find it all so… banal, you know?
[eng] (variant 2): sometimes I get too used to it all to appreciate it.

[eng] Come on girls, let’s concentrate we’re almost at the end!

[eng] Come on, girls, let’s concentrate –
[eng] we’re almost at the end!

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