[Poll] Next episode of Pepper&Carrot Motion Comic (August 2021)

Right now we have Episode 3 and Episode 4 in production.
And we are ready to launch production of one more episode in parallel!
Here our @patrons can vote which episode we will do. Please vote before August 25th. :slight_smile:

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Which episode of Pepper&Carrot Motion should we do next?
  • Episode 8 - Pepper’s Birthday Party
  • Episode 11 - The Witches of Chaosah
  • Episode 13 - The Pyjama Party
  • Episode 26 - Books Are Great

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I think it’s okay to share the current results we’ve got so far :joy: -

The poll is closing in 2 days, we’ll see the final results soon!

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It goes to show how strong the source material is that almost any given episode can hold its own :*) It was the same with https://community.morevnaproject.org/t/poll-next-episode-of-pepper-carrot-motion-comic-may-2021 IIRC.

From the perspective of an animatic, there’s a selection of tempting offerings:
The Pyjama Party has fun RPG costume and creature designs in fight & magic sequences; The Witches of Chaosah gives us some more characterisation of Pepper plus a look at other locales in Hereva; Pepper’s Birthday Party has the amusing demon-summoning sequence (although I think it would be best released in tandem with the episode directly following – #9, see below); and Books are Great has a lovely message and perhaps shows off the overall flavour of Hereva best of the episodes.

edit: I see the three-way tie in the screenshot has now been broken, unless it is reinstated with additional votes :smiley_cat:

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So, the poll is closed and the winner is Episode 13 - The Pyjama Party!
Thanks to everyone who participated! I am preparing official announcement now. :slight_smile:


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Official announcement -

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