[Poll] Next episode of Pepper&Carrot Motion Comic (May 2021)

Right now we are working on Episode 3 of Pepper&Carrot Motion Comic and we would like to start production of another episode in parallel. Here our Patrons can vote which episode we will do. Please vote before June 10th. :slight_smile:

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Which episode of Pepper&Carrot Motion should we do next?
  • Episode 4 - Stroke of Genius
  • Episode 11 - The Witches of Chaosah
  • Episode 19 - Pollution
  • Episode 27 - Coriander’s Invention

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11 is a funny episode, and the arc that 27 is a part of would be nice to see – but it seems to me best to finish the arc that 3 and 6 are already a part of so the existing videos will all hang together nicely.


Ah, does OpenCollective not sync with the Discourse poll feature?

As much as I’d love to see Cumin perform her musical composition, I agree with singpolyma that filling in the 3-6 block would make the most sense.

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Yes, unfortunately there are no integration with OpenCollective yet. I am looking for possible ways how to set up this in the future, probably it is possible to achieve through webhooks. The problem is that tiers at our OpenCollective page currently structured differently than Patreon tiers. I have to think how we can align with that.

The logical way to go is just to do simple way: when someone subscribes for monthly donations at OpenCollective, then add into special Discourse group. When subscription is cancelled - remove from the group.

The problem is that there is “Subscription canceled” event in the list of webhooks, but I cannot find action corresponding for new subscription. :man_shrugging:

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Well, I found the integration and voted; hopefully there’s a way to merge Discourse accounts?


Hi! Yes, there is a way to merge accounts. Please let me know which account you would like to keep? patreon_39996465 or Arlo`?

I can merge patreon_39996465 to Arlo + change main email of Arlo account to the one used in patreon_39996465 (to keep Patreon integration). Probably I will need do the same for Wordpress to keep SSO working. Please let me know if that’s okay for you. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I think that will do nicely (keeping the named / avatar’d account and linking the email); thank you.

Hi @Arlo! Apologies for such a long delay.

I have found that merging patreon_39996465 to Arlo account might be dangerous, because it might break SSO login through wordpress (and this is actually the only way to login here).

So, the safer approach is to do opposite: merge Arlo to patreon_39996465. The downside of this is that you will need to reconfigure avatar and other profile information for patreon_39996465 account. Please let me know if that’s okay and I will proceed with merging. :slight_smile:

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Sure, that’s fine; it won’t take to long on my end.

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Hi! I have merged Arlo account to patreon_39996465 now. After that I have changed username patreon_39996465 to Arlo. Please check if everything works (make sure to login through Patreon). :slight_smile:

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The winner of this poll is Episode 4!
(I am posting this here just to mark the topic as “Solved” ^__^)

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