[Voicing-En] Pepper&Carrot Backstage Vol. 1

Hi! I am looking for English-speaking person who can record a voiceover for our upcoming video -


Subtitles file - pepper-carrot-backstage-vol1-en.srt (12.9 KB)

Reference video file - Pepper-Carrot- backstage-vol1.mp4

Please drop you comment in this topic if you are willing to help. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

If you don’t get a better offer, I could do this as well. I have a Shure SM7B microphone and have done voice work in the past. I could do a first pass this weekend.

I don’t have anything recent online but there is still this old Synfig cartoon I made way back in 2010. I’m doing a gruff sounding voice in this case, and I did not have a great microphone back in those days, but at least you can hear me speaking English. :smiley:


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Aaaah, I remember this video! More than 10 years passed by and it is still looks cool! I will be happy to get a voiceover from you if no one will send anything before weekend. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to record voice-over for you.
I can get Ariel to help me do character voices for a bit more realism (since she did the English Coriander & Saffron before).

When do you need it finished?

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That would be awesome!

I depend on community people who kindly offering help here. Still, I would like to have it finished as early as possible. :smile:

I sent Google Drive links to your gmail just now.

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Cool! Looking now! :smiley:

I watched it and it looks awesome! Thank you so much!

I especially appreciate that you have aligned the timing of English sound to original video - that saves a lot of time to us and it was great to watch. :slight_smile:

Just checking in and it looks like the voice work is handled so you don’t need me to do anything, right?

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Hi Matt! Yes, the voice work is done. Thank you for willing to help! :slight_smile:

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